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Wanna Know Where to Find Palin Online? — AriWriter

Everyone’s talking about Sarah Palin, the woman who U.S. presidential candidate John McCain picked to be his vice president and to run with him on the road to the White House.

Who am I not get involved in the Adrenalin™ rush?

If elected, according to maxomai at Daily Kos, she’d be the first U.S. vice president who is “a screamingly anti-choice, pro-creationism, anti-gay candidate… a lifetime member of the NRA… [and who] ran for office on an ethics reform platform and is now under investigation for ethics violations.”

Need more juicy details? Keep reading.

  1. Some say she’s pro-life but others point to her wearing fur.
  2. Some say she’s conservative but others point to her saucy pictures.
  3. She’s not a Mormon and is from Idaho.
  4. Here’s her Wikipedia entry.
  5. An entrepreneuring individual went so far and quickly created for a poorly designed but pointed side-by-side comparison.

    But of course, Hillary is not on the ticket so I don’t grasp the purpose of that site…other than maybe to educate independently-aligned women who would vote for Sarah merely because she’s female?

  6. As I write this, there are nearly 200 comments on AMERICAblog with everyone itching to get their two cents in about the mystery woman from Alaska.
  7. And let’s not forget the ongoing ethics scandal that is costing Alaskan residents up to $100,000 that may lead to a gubernatorial impeachment, according to the Washington Post! (You need to scroll down a bit on this link to see the juicy story, a CNBC video, and even more comments.)
  8. Oh yeah, she has some unofficial blogs and websites, too:
  9. She’s also making headlines every second on Twitter and Google:

But the astonishing bit for me is her website – [] which as you can see from this screen shot (you can click it to see it zoomed larger), it’s not working.

screenshot of
Here’s a link to the registry, showing Alaskan Peter Torkelson of web design firm Advanced Design bought the domain in 2004.

Can’t McCain’s staff point her site to his?

But what do I know. Maybe with her steamy pictures and ethics scandal, she doesn’t want to enhance her personal brand anymore than it is.

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