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October 2007 | by Ari Herzog

Last week while driving around Newburyport with a freelance videographer, I found myself on the side of a road next to a farm with cows. Dave, the video guy, was shooting the cows for several minutes as part of an online video that is being developed at no cost to the city, and my mind wandered from the leaves changing color to the blades of grass blowing in the wind to the four (or was it five?) cows grazing on the hilly pasture.

I bring up the cow tracking as the voice of Adam Duritz filters in the background, while listening to the Counting Crows on iTunes. Crows..cows…

Several weeks ago, I relocated from a 4-bedroom shared apartment in Somerville to my own 1-bedroom apartment here in Newburyport. I’m settling into my new place (hung some framed pictures tonight), and also getting acclimated to city politics and municipal affairs in my fairly recent job in city hall. Due to the workload and change of pace, I’ve been lax posting on here.

Travel has also taken a tumble. Due to the city hall building open late Thursdays, it closes at noon on Fridays. It’s too soon to tell whether I’ll join the bandwagon and leave like clockwork every week, but it’s fair to presume that on some Fridays, I will get away for a mini vacation somewhere and beat the crowds. Where, who knows. Maybe Maine, or New Brunswick, or the Cape. And with more travel will come more writing gigs.

For now, I’ll stay here in the Clipper City and count cows. How many cities can claim to have cows?