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Forrester Research Gets an F in Monitoring — AriWriter

Jackrabbit with big ears listensBut that’s not the only company with an F.

Two weeks ago, I challenged six social media evangelists at a wide range of organizations to add a blog comment as proof whether or not they or their colleagues were actively monitoring blogs.

Many social media consultants and community managers routinely search for their names, their corporate executives’ names, and their competitors’ names. At least, that’s my theory!

Let’s test the theory with Amber Naslund of Radian6, Marla Erwin of Whole Foods, Andrew Nystrom of the Los Angeles Times, Wendy Harman of the American Red Cross, Morgan Johnston of JetBlue, and Jeremiah Owyang of Forrester Research.

If you are one of the six named individuals, or are a colleague at said organizations, do you mind adding a comment below and indicating how you came here?

My post was a prime example of linkbait, but if you scroll through the comments, you can see replies by Amber, Andrew, and Morgan, and others I mentioned, including Aaron Strout, Marc Meyer, Christopher Gabriel, and David Bradley.

Where are Marla, Wendy, or Jeremiah? This tells me either the linkbait wasn’t scented or corporate responses are different.

On a hunch whether they visited but chose not to comment, I ran some searches with Google Analytics and discovered, sadly, there were zero visits by or I presume the same would be true of the third.

Considering numerous business executives and new media directors read my blog on a daily basis, a 50% response ratio is a telling statistic. Unfortunately, those three organizations are frustrating the mantra that listening is crucial to succeed online. Moreover, let’s suppose Forrester Research is listening and not engaging; how is mom-and-pop XYZ Associates supposed to respond?

Let’s have it, folks. Why is JetBlue responding but Whole Foods isn’t? Should I name drop anyone else, such as AirTran and Trader Joe’s for spite?

Photo credit: wolfmix

UPDATE: Please read my follow-up where I explain that pobody is nerfect.

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