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Cartooning me — AriWriter

Looking back over the better part of 25 years, I’ve enjoyed watching TV cartoon shows and animated films and reading newspaper comic strips, but I never got into reading comic books.

While my peers collected comic books and shared graphic novels, I devoted my childhood to matchbox cars, Star Wars creatures, and Lego sets.

Considering I always read more than other kids my age, leading to high scores on read-a-thons and book reports, it’s ironic I never got into comic books.

Never say never.

After listening to Lauren Weinstein talk about her cartoon book, “Girl Stories,” at the recent Newburyport Literary Festival, and in reaction to yesterday’s national celebration of Free Comic Book Day, I looked up the nearest participating comic book retailer and drove to the Toy Soldier in Amesbury.

In lieu of stereotypical superhero comic books, I asked Mick for suggestions. He seemed about my age and knew the genre.

I ultimately walked away with three free books, provided by different publishers specifically for the national day:

1. A Marvel Adventures story about Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, and Spider-Man

2. A preview of four comic strips to be published this year converted from bestselling novels by Jim Butcher, George R.R. Martin and Dean Koontz

3. Atomic Robo

I wonder if I’ll like the comic books…

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