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Beware Facebook Wall Messages About — AriWriter

UPDATED: January 7, 2009

If you received a message on your Facebook wall about pictures on or any of the below sites, it is a scam as I explain farther down. DO NOT VISIT THE SITES!

[Sources: assorted Yahoo Answers,  Helzerman’s Odd Bits, The Life Nomadic]

There is a new phishing scam

that is making the rounds on Facebook today.

At some point over the past 24 hours, Las Vegas resident Victoria David (which I’m guessing is a fake name, due to the husband-wife Beckham couple) registered a domain called

Domain record for sinkstumble.comIf you visit the site, a series of windows pop open (that my ad blocker did not detect), warning you about pictures, IP addresses, and asking you to type some data.

Do not type anything!

I don’t know how it started, but in my own case, a high school classmate wrote the following message on my Facebook wall:

I don’t know if you know but your pictures are on sinkstumble com

It’s not a website link, so any victims are manually typing (or copying and pasting) that address into their browser location bar. If you do so, and follow the instructions, you will be typing in the name of the friend who sent you to the site, then your name and email address. Then… the phishing takes over and sends the same message to every friend of yours, writing on their walls what “my friend” wrote on mine.

Get it?

I initially visited the site from my primary browser, and was forced to shut down the browser. I then tried from a different browser of mine with more rigid security settings, using fictitious names and email addresses. At that point, there is a friendly reminder not to click random links. But to get to that point, you’re spamming your friends.

Don’t go there. Hopefully, the site will be shut down in the next day or two…

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